Attributes in Sailpoint IIQ are the placeholder that store the value of fields for example Firstname, Lastname, Email, etc. Firstname stores the value of Firstname of an identity. similarly, other stores have other values in Sailpoint IIQ DB. Sailpoint attributes are of two types: Identity Attribute: Identity attributes are Sailpoint attributes. few attributes are coming … Read more


SailPoint IIQ Provisioning is the process of providing or giving access to Identity on the target Application. We know different-different applications are connected to Sailpoint IIQ through the application onboarding process. Employees/Identities need to access these applications. These permission are granted through SailPoint IIQ. Simply, we can understand that Proviosning just creates the account on … Read more


Sailpoint Entitlements are nothing but giving access to identities on some resource or Application. Entitlements in Sailpoint means resources on which identities will get access. In Sailpoint, Entitlements are given to identities to access on some resource or Application. Understand SailPoint Entitlement with Example Let’s take an example to understand Entitlements in Sailpoint. Suppose there … Read more


Identity in Sailpoint is the main object on which Sailpoint keeps track of everything. Identity could be a living or non-living object name. Identity could be a person like John, Allen, etc. or it could be a service account also like svc-1, svc-2, or anything. In Sailpoint, everything revolves around Identity, that’s why Identity is … Read more