Application onboarding

Application Onboarding is the process of integrating any application with SailPoint to maintain the Identity & Access management of that application. In SailPoint Multiple types of applications can be integrated. SailPoint provides a facility where more than 50+ types of applications can be integrated with it. Common Application types integrated with SailPoint Delimited Type JDBC … Read more

Decrypt or Encrypt

SailPoint IIQ provides out of the box rule where value can be encrypted or decrypted. Usually passwords are encrypted and decrypted for security purpose. Rule name for Decrypt OR Encrypt value in SailPoint IIQ Decrypt is the name of the SailPoint rule for encryption and decryption purpose. This rule is present in SailPoint package itself. … Read more

Delta Aggregation

In this SailPoint tutorial post we will learn about Delta aggregation in SailPoint IIQ, How we can configure delta aggregation in any account aggregation and what are the benefits of using delta aggregation in SailPoint. In our Account Aggregation post, we read that account aggregation is that aggregation in which we read account related information … Read more


In this SailPoint tutorial, we will learn about the Application in SailPoint, what does mean by Application. What is Application in SailPoint Application in Sailpoint is the target source which is integrated with SailPoint, on which SailPoint perform Identity and access management related activities. Let’s understand this way. SailPoint perform access management activities on accounts, … Read more

Entitlement Catalog SailPoint

In this SailPoint tutorial, we will read about the Entitlement catalog SailPoint. In our one of the post we read about what is entitlement. In short if we describe about entitlement then Entitlement is basically a permission on target application. Entitlement Catalog SailPoint Entitlement catalog in SailPoint is the place or location where entitlement of … Read more

Managed Attribute

In this SailPoint tutorial post we will learn about the Managed attributes, how to make any attribute as Managed attribute and what are the benefits to make an attribute as Managed attribute in SailPoint IIQ. In the SailPoint Attribute Post, we learnt that attributes are like placeholder to store the values of an Identity account. … Read more