What is SailPoint Debug Page

The Sailpoint debug page is the backend of your installed Sailpoint IIQ. You can see code behind the workflows, Rules, etc in Sailpoint debug page. In SailPoint Debug page you can see actual code written for applications, rules and other objects of SailPoint. How to access Sailpoint debug page Sailpoint debug can be accessed by … Read more

Application onboarding

Application Onboarding is the process of integrating any application with SailPoint to maintain the Identity & Access management of that application. In SailPoint Multiple types of applications can be integrated. SailPoint provides a facility where more than 50+ types of applications can be integrated with it. Common Application types integrated with SailPoint

How to create workitem in SailPoint

In this sailpoint tutorial examples post, we will see the code to create workitem in SailPoint manually. Below is the code to create manually workitem in SailPoint for any specific application. Copy the above code to create workitem in Sailpoint. please change the static value with the actual value.

How to create sequence number for workitem in SailPoint

In this SailPoint tutorial example, we will see how to create sequence number manually in SailPoint. There may come situation, where you have to create sequence number manually. Here we see how we can create sequence number manually. sequence is created through Sequencer. Sequencer class is present inside sailpoint.persistence.Sequencer package. New object of Sequencer is … Read more

Logging levels in SailPoint

In this SailPoint tutorial we will learn various logging level in SailPoint. Logging Logging is the way to check the running state of any process. Through log we can check the steps executing as per the logic or not. Logging level in SailPoint There are various logging levels in SailPoint. Below are the logging levels … Read more

IdentityService in SailPoint

IdentityService in SailPoint is service layer which interact with identities in SailPoint. With IdentityService various actions can be performed on any identity in SailPoint. IdentityService is the class in SailPoint which extends java.lang.Object. IdentityService is present in sailpoint.api.IdentityService package in SailPoint. Popular methods of IdentityService countLinks(Identity¬†identity) – It returns the number of links any given … Read more

How to get attribute value of an identity in Sailpoint

In this Sailpoint tutorial example post, we will see how to get any attribute value of an Identity in SailPoint. In Identity object, Sailpoint has getAttribute api method which is used to get the attribute of an identity. In sailPoint, Any identity attribute value can be get through getAttribute method.